Spring/Summer Fashion Haul

Hello! Thought I’d put together a little post showing some fashion purchases I’ve made lately. Winter is my favourite season for fashion, my idea outfit involves a comfy jumper and a nice coat. So it’s always a sad time for me to be forced into something lighter by the warm weather (but at least it’s a good excuse to buy more clothes). Summer clothes can be alright too.

As it’s finally getting warmer in the UK, I thought it’d be wise to buy some vest tops. Lately, I’ve been loving the 90’s inspired trend of wearing cami tops over t-shirts, so I’ll probably be more likely to style these tops over a white-shirt. I usually avoid thin straps as I’m rather self-conscious of my arms. But I think they look so casual and cool on other people so I said fuck it and bought two. Both from H&M –

DSC_0666I love the pleated texture of the black cami and I find it really flattering. As for the pink cami, I adored the lace as it really adds to the 90’s vibe I was aiming for. I just think tops like this are a staple in any summer wardrobe.DSC_0669

I bought the next top from ASOS a few months ago – excuse how creased it is, I’m very ashamed hahaha. I love embroidery, especially a pretty flower design, so naturally I instantly wanted this t-shirt. If you’re like me and are guilty of wearing too much black, I think this is a good option as the embroidery adds a bit of colour. My only problem is the top’s structure. I find the sleeves are a little too wide for my liking- but we live and we learn.


The next item is a blouse. I really like the use of two patterns, separated by ruffles – giving a relaxed boho vibe. It’s easy to make casual and dress up (I’ve worn it to the library and on a date). I like the subtle hint of purple in the flowers, yet it’s still monochromatic and can be paired with any colour. I ordered the blouse from ASOS but it is Booho.


As I said earlier, I love comfy jumpers, so when I found a yellow jumper in Pull&Bear I had to have it. A jumper acceptable in summer!! The jumper is rather thin and hangs really well, making it flattering. I’m excited to wear it more over the next few months in the sun.


For a while now my wardrobe has been lacking in a blue pair of jeans. I wear my black skinnys to death and thought I needed a change – especially in the spring. I got these New Look Girlfriend Jeans from ASOS and I’ve already got a lot of use out of them. I love how they’re fitted around the waist and thighs, yet come out straight below the knee. My only complaint is how only one of the knees has a hole on it – both or neither looks better in my opinion. I can’t remember exactly how much they were, but they weren’t expensive, so I’m really happy with this find.


Moving on from Denim, I picked up a pair of culottes from Zara. I bought some black culottes last summer and I fell in love with the style. The pinstripe pattern is unlike anything else I own and I’m excited to wear them. This particular pair falls mid-calf and has a wide leg making them floaty and so comfortable. Despite the wide leg, they’re very flattering, probably because of the ruffles on the waist line. At only £19.99 and available in a variety of colours/patterns, they’re definitely worth a look.


This dress is actually where my love for vest tops over t-shirts started. I love the dress’ floral pattern and find it really easy to dress both up and down. I got both items from H&M for £14.99 – which I think is really cheap for a dress and t-shirt. Plus, I’ve already worn it countless times.


I have wanted a pair of checkerboard Vans for so long and I finally bought some the other day. I’d recommend them to anyone who has a little bit of pop-punk in them and wants to inject it into their collection. Slip on Vans are so simple and easy and comfortable and so worth the money. I’m already obsessed and have wore them everyday since I’ve owned them.


Not a pair of shoes but I thought I’d give them a mention. The Maine, who are my favourite band, recently released their latest album, and I received a bundle as a birthday present from my friend. Along with the album, came three pins which I’ve been wearing on my leather jacket. I love how pins and patches personalise clothing, even more so if they reflect your interests. If you don’t own some already, I’d recommend getting on the hype as they’re really fun to mess around with!


That’s all for the post – sorry if it was a bit long as I have a tendency to waffle, oops. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have a similar style to me or if you have any trends you’ve been loving to recommend.



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