Four Days in Paris


Last week, I stayed in Paris for four days and three nights. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris and had high expectations – I was not disappointed. The city is beautiful and vibrant, like I always imagined. We managed to fit in a lot of activities and see most of the city. Yet, there’s still so much we missed, which has already sparked our desire to go back in a few years!


Our flight from Birmingham to Paris-CDG landed at around 2:30pm, and we made it to our hotel at 4pm – after catching a train and multiple metros. Our room was a studio apartment with a street view, which made me fall in love with the space.


We spent the evening exploring Place D’Italie (where our hotel was located), ending the night with a cocktail in one of it’s many cafes. I would recommend staying in Place D’Italie, as it’s metro is connected to various lines, meaning you have easy access to everywhere in the city. Also, hopefully with out seeming too narcissist, here are some photos of me taken in our hotel (thanks James).



The day we began site-seeing! We left our hotel around 12 and walked along to Seine and into central Paris. Our first stop was Jardin des Plantes, a beautiful garden with several huge Greenhouses bursting with various plants. It was a welcomed change from busy streets and crowded queues.


Continuing to walk up the Seine, we saw Notre Dame cathedral (which is much bigger than any photos lead you to believe), Pont des Arts (known as the bridge with the locks),


We stopped here for lunch and a beer, which was desperately needed considering the 32 degree heat. We then made our way to Musée d’Orsay, mainly attracted by the free entry (thanks EU). The museum was lovely. With several floors filled with paintings, artistic movement exhibitions, and marble statues, it was a perfect place to spend the late afternoon. For me, the highlight was seeing Monet’s and Van Gogh’s work before my own eyes – something I can ticket off my bucket list!


After the museum, we caught the metro back to our hotel to recharge. We headed back out at 9pm – our destination being the Effiel Tower. We queued for over an hour, so by the time we had walked up the stairs, the sun had set over Paris. The view was breath taking. Plus, hearing everyone cheer as the tower’s lights were turned on, will stay with me forever.



Disneyland! A less picturesque and sophisticated location, but it was an important and magical part of our trip. After a slow and frustrating afternoon due to a storm, we ended up having loads of fun. Just before the illuminations show, it began to rain, which resulted in some really cool photos.



As with most holidays, the last day is checking out and organisation. With an evening flight, we did have a few hours to visit a few sites we had missed. This included L’arc de Triomphe, which was busier than I expected but still very impressive. We then walked down the Champs Elysees, popping to shops and embracing the rain. Our plan was to visit the Lourve before we headed home. Unfortunately, the queue to buy tickets was three hours, which would have made us miss our flight (advice, book tickets before you go!!). Oh well, there’s always next time.



Sadly, now I’m back to miserable Birmingham and have already done two shifts at work. Apart from my sun burnt back, the magic of Paris seems worlds away. I’m really happy with some of the photos I took and I can’t wait to try more travel photography. My visit was so amazing that I know now I’d move there in a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear about your experiences in Paris.

Au Revoir!


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